I'm Not Basic Just Pressed For Time: Colby's Twisted Tea Party

Sunday night I turned in my personal branding analysis for my Capstone, and proceeded to do absolutely nothing for the first time in a long time. It was nice not having to worry about turning in a homework assignment, or a project for the next few months. Although, I found it quite challenging to just sit still. So instead of catching up on emails, reviewing business pitches, or blogging, I decided I would catch up on all of my favorite "ratchet" shows and eat all the snacks I could bare. And it was worth it.

April / May gave me a lot of good content, but not enough time to do anything with it! Between work, school, the blog, and opening up for the Daddy Fat Saxx Tour, I was booked and busy (as the girls say). I mean, in retrospect, quite a lot happened in just a few weeks; I did a tour of Nashville's historic Germantown, and downtown; I secured several bags; I moved Downtown (by way of Midtown); I joined Najii Person and the band again to open up for Big Boi on the third leg of his tour; and I attended some lit galas, brunches, and various other charitable events!

Colby's Twisted Tea Party

One charitable event I regret not being apart of was Colby Elliott's Twisted Tea Party. The Brand and Image Consultant hosted a Tea Party that, "served lemonade instead of spilling tea".

The event catered to girls from The Rainbow House of Atlanta, GA., and consisted of pampering services - including hair, nails, and even make-overs, all of which made possible by the overwhelming amount of donor support she received. 

The event was such a success that Colby and her loyal community servants are taking the Twisted Tea Party on tour! So if you or anyone you know is interested in this type of event for your school or organization, click here!