In The $treets: Happy International Women's Day!

This morning, in honor of Women's History Month - and the amazing accomplishments of women across the world and through the ages, I attended a powerful seminar on "maximizing your profile". The YWCA of Metro St. Louis hosted the event, moderated by Lisa Nichols of Technology Partners. The panel featured Allison Hawk, owner of AHC Consulting, and Lethia Owens, founder of Gamer Changers International.

Each of the women had profound things to say about the importance of knowing yourself, and your why, when it comes to your brand, and doing business. They also touched on managing the way others perceive you [versus how you perceive yourself], as perception is reality and shapes the way we view things. 

Every minute was filled with encouraging words, advice full of wisdom, and most importantly, passion. But my biggest take away from this empowering event were these words...

"We are most powerful and influential when we are ourselves".