Las Brujas de Charmed

On March 19th, the day before the first day of Spring, which for many believers signifies renewal and rebirth, The CW began filming the pilot for their reboot of the hit 90's series, Charmed

The cult-classic was one of my favorite shows growing up (that almost seems too soon to say), in fact, fast forward to present day, I often find myself watching reruns on TNT or binge watching them on Netflix - I've literally seen every episode at least twice.

Initially I didn't know how I felt about the reboot. I'm a believer in leaving well-enough alone, and some classics you just simply don't touch, unless you're absolutely sure you're going to do it right. And a show about three sisters who fight demons and search for love and enlightenment in their spare-time, is a hard concept to pull-off, so a reboot has ten times the pressure.

The team bringing "The Charmed Ones" back to life, are doing so with three Latina sisters, which I must admit, piqued my interest. One could only assume that since they thought enough to make the sisters POC, they are also planning on exploring different aspects, cultures, and schools of magic. For instance, Brujería magic.

In recent history, "witchcraft" and spirituality in general have become more widely accepted, and women like Destiny "Princess Nokia" Frasqueri, and Bri "The Hood Witch" Luna are at the forefront of this movement. Brujeria magic is ancient and has roots in African voodoo, as well as Hispanic and Native American rituals - which means it's a part of the culture. 

During my binge (I re-watched the entire series in 2 weeks) last spring I literally said to myself, the culture needs something like this; bad-ass, intelligent, strong-willed, independent women who live regular lives, but happen to believe in the law of attraction, and practice magic, and have magical powers, AND are black! I mean really, how cool would it be to see "The Hood Witch" featured on an episode of a primetime show, practicing magic?! It's lit!

Unfortunately, until the pilot is released, we won't know the extent to which they are going to explore Brujería magic, it's roots, and it's current presence in the culture - but it is only my hope that they do the culture, and Charmed justice.

The original series did an amazing job of showing women, spirituality, and magic in a positive light - but representation is everything, and I would love to see something like this for the culture. I'm thinking something along the lines of Girlfriends, meets Trueblood, meets Atlanta. What do you guys think? Are you going to watch the reboot? Do you think they can pull it off?!