I'm Not Basic, Just Pressed For Time: Keeping Up With My Health Goals

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Wow. It's already March, and I can smell Spring in the air. The glimpse of warmer weather and flowers blossoming reminds me to continue watering my goals with intention, so that they may manifest accordingly. 

I've had my days, but for the most part, I've been on track with my goals. However, my health goals, are another story. This year I've started this thing where each month I challenge myself with a different health initiative. For example, during the month of January, my boyfriend and I were vegetarian. We don't usually eat meat anyway, but we still noticed differences in our bodies across the board, especially with our digestive system.

As far as remaining vegetarian, neither of us have decided to do so. Although, he continued this challenge further into the month of February than I did. I was committed, but on February 1st, I had to check out the new Shake Shake location in Central West End. And it was worth it.  

Initially I didn't notice any drastic changes. It wasn't until I integrated meat back into my diet that I realized my body had changed - and for the better. Despite the fact that my Shack Burger, cheese fries, and [the house] concrete were amazingly delicious, I had NEVER experienced a crash like that! I caught the itis so bad, I couldn't resist my bed, and ended up falling asleep that night at 8:45pm. 

Another "drastic" change I noticed was with my digestive tract. Even tho it was only a small quantity, the meat I had consumed caused me to become irregular. While I was vegetarian, I was every-day-regular - if you know what I mean. 

In addition to not feeling "tired" after meals, and having regular bowel movements, I also noticed my skin was more elastic and glowy - a major bonus in my book! 

While being vegetarian for a month was a positive experience for me, it is important to remember that all of our bodies are different, and it is important to supplement your diet accordingly. Experts recommend going at your own pace when becoming vegetarian, especially if meat is a regular part of your diet. As previously mentioned, meat isn't a staple in our diet, so this challenge wasn't much of a "challenge" at all. In fact, it was fun, because we were forced to get creative with meals, and think outside of the box.

We won't get into February's challenge of drinking 60 oz's of water a day. We're just going to focus on not eating any fast food this month, and try the water thing next month. 

Check back soon! :)