Chiropractic Care And The Triad of Health

Success is a journey, not a destination. This is true for your mind, spirit, and especially your body. On my never-ending journey to “living my best life”, I have made a conscious effort to take the best possible care of myself - from the products I put inside of my body, to the way I think - I am always seeking enlightenment. Alas, we live in a world that nurtures comfort and insidiously bad habits - so sometimes, what is truly good for us becomes lost in translation.


I consider myself a person of good health. I ward off stress like Beatrix Kiddo; I exercise (maybe not as much as I should); I routinely see my general physician, as well as my dentist; I’ve only ever broken a single bone in my body; I’m rarely sick; and I maintain a fairly healthy diet.

However, I recently found myself neglecting to take care of the one thing that holds me together. My spine! For as long as I can remember (and by no fault of my own), I had been living day-to-day underestimating its use and importance to my mental, physical, and chemical well-being. But certified chiropractic sports physician, Dr. Jennifer McCleary, has made it apart of her mission to adjust how people like myself view being healthy.


A few weeks after a most unfortunate car accident, I discovered a knot in my lower left abdomen. Afraid that it had something to do with the accident, I made an appointment with my doctor to get her [much valued] opinion. During her examination - completely unrelated to the knot (which turned out to be a cyst that later went away) - she noticed that my spine was misaligned and suggested I see a chiropractor.

I must admit, the thought of someone adjusting my spine freaked me out, so I’d never been to a chiropractor for maintenance - and I made myself believe I only needed to see one if something were terribly wrong. But under the instruction of my doctor, I made an appointment with Dr. McCleary, and my life has since changed for the better.


Through her natural passion for life sciences, Dr. McCleary has made ‘just another trip to the chiropractor’ an important part of her clients’ everyday lifestyle’s. Immediately upon walking into her office, you are calmed by the aroma and strategic stillness. The check-in process is seamless, and the waiting room is never over-crowded, as she performs all evaluations, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture treatments. As part of her overarching philosophy, Dr. McCleary goes above and beyond to make clients, especially new ones, feel knowledgeable and secure with her practice...her lifestyle.

Early in her career, Dr. McCleary had plans on attending graduate school for physical therapy. But a chance encounter with a recruiter, coupled with a budding interest in eastern philosophy & traditional practices (meditation, yoga, and herbal remedies), started her down a path of integrated healthcare. Now, the alternative medicine practitioner runs her own family and sports chiropractic center.

For over ten years, Dr. McCleary has been using her lifestyle to influence better habits within others. “I enjoy helping people find a better version of themselves,” said McCleary when asked what motivates her.


Not only is she a certified chiropractic sports physician, she is also a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and board certified to perform acupuncture. “I think far too often people think that they are ‘just getting old’ when really they are neglecting to maintain balance within the body in some way,” she insists.

Common misconceptions about chiropractic care - obstacles beyond Dr. McCleary’s control - are  what prevent most people from maintaining this “balance”.

“The things that I hear most often are; that it is too expensive to receive care, or, once you start you have to keep coming back. Both of which are not true.” Really, what I find is that people will let problems go way too long, and then they do have to invest more time and more money to fix it,” she said. “At Triad, we encourage people to do periodic spinal check ups, but if you have gone through my initial care plan and recommendations, you should also have the tools to stay in balance for longer and longer periods of time.”

“The adjustment is kind of like a reset to our neuro, muscular, and skeletal system,” she continued. “The habits an individual keeps are what really determines how often they would benefit from maintenance visits.”

In my personal case; years of carrying heavy bags over my shoulder; bad posture; sitting with my legs crossed; and not doing preventative exercises, had taken its toll on my lower back and hips. But after only a few visits, I began to notice vast improvements! Not only had the pain in my lower back subsided, I began to pay closer attention to my body as I was working-out; lifting things; walking down the street; even when I was sleeping!


At a time in my life where I had already been experiencing high levels of spiritual enlightenment, Dr. McCleary’s practice marked a significant turn in my journey to wellness. It was encouraging, to say the least, to have a health practitioner who made her overall well being the center of her career. As I became more aware of the “triad of health”, and made necessary adjustments in my daily activities, it became less about my back being misaligned and more about why my back was misaligned. It became about using my ability to be aware of myself, to be aware of my body, and my mind.

For more about Dr. McCleary and her practice, visit Triad Sports & Family Chiropractic's official website here, or follow her on Instagram. Triad Sports & Family Chiropractic is centrally located in downtown Clayton, at 225 S Meramec Ave.