New Year, New Vision

If I learned anything from 2017 Rachel, it was to slow down and allow myself to feel; pain, disappointment, hurt and anger, but also; happiness, gratitude, and love. I learned that sometimes I have to go in to come out. I learned to experience, internalize, understand, and express my deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires. I learned to heal, nurture and manifest. 

Alas, learning these things was the easy part! The hard part was not beating myself up, or self-loathing, when I had to make hard, but necessary changes. We are creatures of habit, and sometimes we fall into routines that just simply don't work for us anymore! Which is why it is so important to know yourself, and continue learning about yourself.

Since 2015, I've shared my vision board's with you guys, as well as my method / reasons for doing them. This year's was done a little untraditionally (if you consider three years a tradition), but it turned out to be one of my most creative and meaningful boards yet - which makes me super excited for whats to come! 

I can't wait to chronicle another year of amazing stories, personal experiences, and growth with you guys! Check out my 2018 vision board below!