Cultivating My Space: Beaded Hanging Lantern x World Market

Every now and then I like to take a stroll through World Market for inspiration / ideas for my home - and usually everything I like is over-priced. However, the other day I stumbled upon these lovely little lanterns that I just knew me, nor my home, could live without! 

Beaded Hanging Lanterns - $9.99 (or buy in packs of 3  online  for $29.97)

Beaded Hanging Lanterns - $9.99 (or buy in packs of 3 online for $29.97)

Much like my personal style, you can feel my home despite it's lack of decor. I actively practice keeping the aura clutter-free and calm (both spiritually and physically) which has given both me and my home refuge from the chaotic world around us. Nevertheless, my batcave needs a makeover!

I've been in my mid-town loft for a little over a year now (one year and seven months to be exact), and I'm at a point where I need to mix things up. As my very first "adult" living situation, my loft has been in constant transformation, but I've been slow to actually decorate it - mainly because of my eclectic taste. However, as I continue to evolve as an individual, so does my space. 

When I returned home from my trip that day, I immediately hung my lantern. At first the lantern looked lonely and awkward because of my high ceilings and spaced out furniture, so intuitively I began moving things around to invite the lantern into my space. After a tweak here and a tweak there, I fortuitously crafted a lively and much needed creative space - something I had been subconsciously telling myself I needed for a while now. 

It's mind boggling how changing something so small encouraged me to rejuvenate my entire home, and reminded me how sacred and necessary change can be - a perfect lesson for where I am in life. Naturally, people don't like change. People like comfort and stability. But when we experience change, we are simultaneously experiencing an opportunity to evolve and grow. And when you face change head on, you give yourself freedom and control over the situation, which allows for more desirable results. 


I plan on adding more to the ceiling, but what do you guys think so far?!