New St. Louis Radio Station Brings The 'Heart & Soul' of Old School to Local Airwaves

We arrived at 11am, just as the Cantina Laredo opened - so we had the advantage of seeing the place come to life. In less than 20 minutes, the distant echo of clinging glasses was overpowered by the buzzing chatter of lunch patrons. As Arri (my friend / photographer) and I contemplated the menu, in walks this long-legged beauty with big curly hair - swiftly navigating through the crowd. 

Photograph by Rachel Nevels.

Photograph by Rachel Nevels.

I always try to find a location that reminds me of the person I'm meeting with - or at the very least, a neutral surrounding that will entice some good vibes. Model and entrepreneur, Khandace Young, had to meet at a central location because of her busy schedule. So Cantina Laredo, a modern Mexican restaurant with an extensive menu and a lively-sophisticated crowd, was the obvious choice.

I first met Khandace, who others may know as "Khandi Kane", when I was an intern for Delux Magazine. I vividly remember the comforting feeling of seeing another woman maneuver through such a male dominated scene, and still be so decorous. I admired her girl-power attitude and the unsurpassed level of support she had for those around her. Which is why the news of her latest endeavor called for a much needed, and long overdue celebration! Although she didn't partake in the 11am margarita festivities, she did have 'Mango Tres Leches', and still somehow managed to be the life of the party.

Having once dabbled in radio nearly seven years ago, "Khandi Kane" is taking her talents back to the airwaves, as a personality for the new radio station, Mix 99.5. Although, it should be noted that her latest accomplishment won't be slowing her down.

An owner of multiple businesses, a socialite, and now a radio personality?! - To be quite honest, I found myself more interested in how she finds time to do it all, than with how she was able to obtain it all!

"One of my professors once told me, 'you can't control time and it won't stop for you', so you [have] to prioritize. Thankfully, it's 2017 and the internet, social media and a functioning website are awesome with helping me run my businesses and prioritize my time," she joked.

While she may have her time management skills down to a science, I had no idea what to expect from her on the radio. Was she really a personality or was she an extension of herself? What type of music did they play? What issues did they discuss? I had so many questions!

Photograph by Arriana Moore.

Photograph by Arriana Moore.

Out of sheer curiosity about the sound and direction of the station, I streamed the show online while I was working from home one day. And although I tuned in towards the end of the show, I was pleased to hear more music than I did conversation and commercials. I also found myself pleasantly surprised with the selection of songs, feeling a sense of familiarity as I vibed out to classics such as; Can't Get Enough by Barry White; Never Too Much by Luther Vandross; Whatever You Want by Tony! Toni! TonĂ©! - the list goes on! The mix literally took me to those hot summer nights I used to spend in Nashville,TN. It felt like playing in the yard with my cousins during the family get-together, while cicadas sang in the background. It smelled like my Granny's fried pork chops and Sunday perfume, swirled together by the wind that crept past the screen-door...It warranted the most precious nostalgic vibes! 


"We simply want people to feel good," she said about the station. "We love new music, and we even play it sometimes. But there's something about those feel-good, old school jams...," she pondered. "We give people a break from all the hardcore stuff. Sometimes, especially after a long day, you just need to feel good."

The station, which recently launched on July 3rd, caters to Saint Louis City but can be streamed from anywhere in the world, at It features six segments, including "Khandi Kane's" show where she co-hosts alongside veterans "The Real J.R.", and Tony J. Their segment is live Monday - Friday from 3pm - 6pm CST, and is curated to touch the heart and soul of each listener as they get through traffic and safely to their homes.

For more information follow Khandace on Facebook at Khandi Kane's Fans, or visit the official site, mix995fm