In the $treets: A "Lil" Listening Party

This past Wednesday I attended an exclusive listening party for St. Louis based rapper, A-Game. A pleasantly calm and stormy night made for the perfect atmosphere, and because it was an intimate setting, everyones aura seemed warm and inviting.

Before the main event, I joined the man of the hour and a few other "cool kids" for a much needed session. The kind that filled me with more life than what I had come with. Little did everyone know, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Personal circumstance left me wanting to be alone with my thoughts one minute, and ready to do it for the '99 & the 2000 the next. The listening party was somewhere in between - a subtle reminder of what positive energy can do for a broken spirit. Needless to say, I'm happy I decided to attend. 

Once all of the other guests arrived, we listened to the tape and indulged in good music that was also familiar. Most round-the-way rappers from St. Louis have a certain sound, but A-Game has undeniably perfected his. More than his boy-next-door (the St. Louis version of a boy-next-door anyway) lyrics and head-nodding beats, A-Game's energy is an unrelenting force that carries this project from beginning to end. You can literally feel the same good vibes and positive energy I felt in the studio that night, while listening to his tape. Without giving away too much; nothing, and I mean NOTHING about this project is "lil". And with that, I also love a good play on words.

"A Lil Tape", hosted by Dj Kam Bennett, consists of eight songs, most of which are produced by St. Louis producers (Chase The Money, Major 88keys, and Beau Willie). The tape also includes features from Lydia Ceaser, Real Early, Tres, and is executive produced by Wavy Wayne of Sauce Records. A Lil Tape drops June 29th and will be accompanied by a much anticipated "Lil Concert" at The Firebird. 

Hope to see you all there!