Shoegasm: "Origami" x Jennifer Le

I tried my hand at a much more feminine, flirty & fun design and boy did it ever pay off. Your feedback has been PHENOMENAL. You know I'm all about taking the right risks and I am just so grateful to you for being so receptive to each and every one of my designs to date. 🌸ORIGAMI🌸 has really showed me that you are growing with me. And as a new designer, that means EVERYTHING to me. I am opening up an early Members Pre-sale to ensure my Members have an opportunity to get them WELL BEFORE they are released to the general public. The wait time is a little longer than usual, as this shoe is my most ambitious design to date. Let me tell you, the 🌸ORIGAMI🌸 isn't meant for everybody. The silhouette isn't super dainty, the style is by no means minimal, they're straight ART for your feet. Each flower has been dyed, dried, handcrafted & adorned with a crystal. This process takes quite a bit of time, the flowers are being made as I type this to you.. Each pair has over 110 flowers in 3 different colors. These can be worn laced up or as a slip on mule. I wish I can capture the look on your faces when you try them on for the very first time. You should've seen me.. I had one sample pair made in my size and as soon as they arrived, I was prancing around my house in them ALL day long. Let me stop here.. I definitely didn't think I was going to write a 4 page letter to you about the Members Pre-sale lol. It's real simple, if you love 'em, cop 'em. If not, I'll still love you xo JL 🌸Members Pre-sale is now open in our Members Area🌸 *One pair per shipping address *Only orders with matching shipping & billing addresses will be processed #IAMJENNIFERLE

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