6 Reasons Why Straight Black Weave (With a Middle Part) Is Timeless

There once was a time, about seven or eight years ago, when girls frowned upon straight weave. It either had to be wavy, curly, or at the very-least it had to be layered. I vividly remember several of my friends looking at me sideways when I would express how I wanted long - sleek black hair, with a part down the middle (the old me let them talk me out of it). Apparently, around this time, that just wasn't "the look".

But only a few years earlier, in the early naughties, all the hottest celebrities where rocking this look! And before that, Cher's iconic long black tress had secured it's spot in hair-history. Today, there is a new wave of long black "extensions", and because I'm older and wiser, no one can convince me that this look is simply trendy, or "trashy" for that matter. When done correctly, this look is timeless. View the gallery below to see women who have mastered this timeless style.