In The $treets: Princess Nokia

Just yesterday, a friend of mine was scrolling through her timeline, when all of a sudden I hear this chant, "don't you fuck with my energy, don't you fuck with my energy...". At first I was turned off by it, only to find myself vibing to it a split second later (funny how that works). When my friend showed me the video, I was even more intrigued. 

Before she showed me the video clip, I was expecting a trap house and grills. Instead I got girls with natural hair in school-girl clothes (YASSSS). I then Googled the chant and found out it was a song titled Brujas by rapper, Princess Nokia - a quirky "Black a-rican" girl from the Bronx. I was so impressed by the creativity of Brujas (from the lyrics to the music video), I spent an hour watching videos of her on YouTube...and it was totally worth it! Her story, authentically exotic look, and sound are sure to take her far in the music industry. Watch Brujas below! What do you guys think of Princess Nokia?