One Last Hurrah

In a tragic series of events, American Apparel was recently acquired by Gildan, a Canadian wholesale company. The news comes as no surprise, but still a shock to those who remember the significance of their brand. Known for their basic, but culturally significant product(s), American Apparel was one of the first All-American "cool" stores for teen in the early noughties. 

As sad as this news is, I knew this meant there was a huge sale (basic economics) - so I took full advantage of the situation. Right now their entire site is 40% off! And despite how small my package was, I ordered five classic pieces for spring/summer '17. I'm so excited for you all to see them (along with my spring/summer '17 bawdy)! 

The Huffington Post recently ran this story regarding the acquisition. This article in particular gives good insight as to why the company may have made this decision, and what companies in a similar situation could do differently.