New Year Superstitions I Learned From my Mother & Grandmother

The New Year is upon us - the beginning of all beginnings! It is a time many use to reflect, refresh and restart. Although I'm not big on New Years resolutions and the sorts, having grown up with a southern mother and grandmother, I've always viewed New Years Day as a sacred time, with sacred meaning, that sets the tone for the remaining 364 days. Many of the superstitions my mother and her mother bestowed upon me seemed silly as a child (and in some ways still do). However, as I grew up and began to experience life as a young woman, the origin of these superstitions and their meanings became more clear to me.

Continue reading for a list of my favorite New Year superstitions that I learned from my mother & grandmother. 

1. Eat At least a Spoon-full of Black-eyed Peas

The ONLY time I eat black-eyed peas [as a main dish] is on New Years Day, because it is said that the legume seed brings prosperity and good fortune. So whether or not you believe in this superstition, in the name of good fortune and prosperity, do yourself a favor and stomach at least a spoon full (they taste best slow cooked in a crock-pot with your favorite flavoring and spices).

2. Don't borrow Any Money or Pay Any Money Back

Unless you want to be paying out or borrowing all year, my grandmother suggests you refrain from doing so on New Years Day.

3. Don't Cry!

It is said that if you cry on New Years Day you will be unhappy all year! Being upbeat and cheerful is the perfect way to set the tone for your New save your tears for the 2nd of the month!

4. Fill Your Cupboards With Food

Superstition says that if you go into the New Year with empty cupboards, they will be bare all year... and unfortunately, I might be hungry this year, because I'm not going to the grocery store until later next week.

5. Don't Wash!

One year I needed to wash on New Years Day because I wanted to wear a particular blouse to a party that night - but my mom [seriously] insisted that I should wear another blouse because if I washed on New Years Day, I would wash someones life away. So make sure you do all of your laundry on New Years Eve, or on the 2nd of the month, or else their could be dire consequences. 

6. The First Person Through Your Door...

One of the oldest, and more common superstitions on my list says that the first person who enters your door [home] will have a significant influence over your year. So ideally this person should be someone who wishes you well and has good juju. 

A spin on this superstition (which I think my mother made up) is that you shouldn't let a woman be the first person through your door or else she will steal your man! 

7. Eat You Some Greens

Last, but certainly not least, eat greens (I prefer collards) if you want some green [money] in the New Year! 

Although some of these may seem a bit far-fetched, all "superstitions" come from somewhere, some experience. So before you pass them off as complete fiction, reflect on your experiences this year, and based on what you learned, and what helped you grow - no matter how quirky - create your own "superstitions" to carry into the New Year.