Lessons From The Moon

I believe there are new beginnings within everyday. I believe in pacing yourself along your journey however you see fit. But somehow, along my journey I stopped believing these things; I lost this about myself. I got stuck in everyday and easily lost sight of the bigger picture. I was fighting myself - the reason why still escapes me. I was so out of tune with myself that life continuously spanked me, like a newborn too stubborn to cry. But eventually I cried.

One thing I can say, is that no matter how bad things got, I still had much to be thankful for - an absolute that kept me going through mental and physical pain. I learned so much about life; the universe; the people in it; the game and how it goes...I learned so much about myself; how much power I have in manifesting what comes of my life. I learned to believe in the majesty of the moon; her healing powers and ability to create and restore energy within me.


All of these lessons came together these past few months, as I faced the general stressors of the holiday season (being a creative, a family oriented person and working in retail), in addition to having to make many life changing decisions. I had let life get to me in such a way that my immune system weakened, and I became physically ill, amongst other things. Trapped in my own body, a prisoner of disease and stagnancy, I was forced to sit with myself and think. I was forced to feel and just be. Something I hadn't allowed myself to do in a very long time. 

I'll be the first to admit, it's hard to do this when you're constantly on-the-go and want more in life. But you have to have a balance or none of your hard work will matter anyway. I had a few missed deadlines, and meetings unattended, but my well-being, as well as my peace of mind, were on the line, and I made the decision to choose me. And I'd do it again. 

I'm going to be on hiatus for just a while longer, but look forward to some dope interviews plus much more in 2018!