Thank You!


I spent the earlier part of this morning writing thank you cards to a few special people in my life, and deciding whether or not I should peel then cut my sweet potatoes, or boil then peel them.

Although I'm not very fond of celebrating the white-mans conquest of these native lands, I do have an appreciation for Thanksgiving and the holiday season in general. Ever since I can remember, the holiday's have been a means for me to spend quality time with loved ones, reflect, and relax. This year in particular has been full of change and transition. And as I reflect, the people in my life have been very supportive of me and my endeavors, so I decided I would write personal thank you cards to a few friends, family, clients, business partners, and the likes. Oh, and of course I got my cards from Aims Moon Paperie to complete the personalized experience.

Sadly, I couldn't fit every single person in this year, but I had so much fun, I've decided to make it an annual tradition! For those who didn't receive a personal card this year, I would like to thank you still. All of my readers, all of my friends, all of my family, all of my clients, and anyone who has ever supported and believed in me. I hope you all enjoy today and share thanks with your loved ones!

Happy Holiday's!