5 Reasons Why Women Smoking Weed is a Feminist Statement

Rihanna enjoying a blunt and a glass of wine at her Fenty Beauty launch. 

Rihanna enjoying a blunt and a glass of wine at her Fenty Beauty launch. 

Hopefully by now we've established that everyone smokes weed. But in the event that you aren't aware - everyone smokes weed. Smoking may be a bit assumptious, but there is no denying the increasing number of people who are consuming marijuana (and other entheogens) for both medicinal, spiritual, and recreational uses.

Among these "pot smokers", is an even faster growing segment of women. While most people associate the herb with reckless teenagers and couch potatoes, who do nothing more than eat snacks and play video games -  it actually has many health benefits (especially for women), supported by the fact that it has been used for thousands of years. Moreover, the movement to legalize marijuana has opened million dollar doors, especially for women entrepreneurs. 

As of earlier this year, women made up roughly 36% of the leaders in the cannabis industry, including 63% of high-level positions, according to a survey by Marijuana Business Daily. Women like Whoopi Goldberg, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are open cannabis enthusiasts; Goldberg even launched her own line of medicinal products, aimed at women who suffer from menstrual fatigue, cramps and pains. Even more eye-opening, are the results from a recent study which found that women who consumed the plant were smarter than women who didn't! 

Smoking weed is still very taboo (and still very illegal in most parts of the U.S.), and although animals, the elderly, and even children are benefitting from this herb, it still has many negative connotations, especially when it comes to women who use it. But whether you just want to get in the business, use it for medicinal purposes, recreational use, spiritual reasons, what have you; women smoking weed is a feminist statement. 

1. Bud (the stuff that gets you "high") is Only Produced by Female Plants

Adult female marijuana plant.

Adult female marijuana plant.

Marijuana can be either (and in some cases both) male and female. However, the only plants that produce buds are female! Unfertilized females produce a layer of trichomes that we’ve come to love for their psychoactive and medical properties.

2. Estrogen Makes Weed More Potent!


Estrogen helps to break down the main psychoactive compound in weed, THC, into a compound that is more potent within the body. So, when your estrogen levels are higher, your body performs this job more efficiently, reducing the amount of cannabis you need to feel the effects. Not only does estrogen directly affect how potent your cannabis is, it also alters the way your body's naturally occurring cannabinoids work - it's a female thing. 

3. Both Women and Cannabis Have a Shared Reputation for Healing


Aside from being a miracle worker during a woman's cycle, weed prevents and relives symptoms of various other conditions and illnesses. The likes include epilepsy, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and many more!

4. It Defies Social Construct


As stated earlier, smoking weed is very taboo, especially for women. From the time we are old enough to speak, women are pushed into more conservative and caring roles, which leaves us feeling at odds with things like smoking weed. Nixon’s War on Drugs (which was constructed by the government to instill fear in impoverished communities while they made a profit) falsely labeled Marijuana a Schedule I drug (alongside heroin, cocaine, and LSD), giving the illusion that it was a very terrible crime and sin to consume the plant. All of this ultimately resulting in shady dealers, a bad reputation for marijuana, and a “boys will be boys” pass-off for men who smoke weed.

5. Rihanna


Everyone knows that Rihanna loves the herb. There were even once rumors that she was cultivating her own strain (the rumor has unfortunately been put to rest). And no matter how you may feel about marijuana, we should all admire any woman who can advocate for education across the world, be named Harvard’s Humanitarian of the Year, revolutionize the beauty industry, AND be high! Rihanna is the face of many frontiers, but revolutionizing the way people see women (and people in general for that matter) who smoke weed is by far one of her most feminist.