Life: A Short Film by Rose

On October 1, close friends and family gathered on the rooftop of a private location, under an eerily serene night sky, and celebrated as one of our own took a giant leap towards making her dreams a reality.

We enjoyed conversation, mediation, vegan cupcakes, kettle corn and a plethora of libations before the main event. Our bellies, hearts, and souls filled - with just enough room left to receive Life; a three part film series starring Jamie Blair, Julisa Powell and Amber Thornton, directed by filmmaker and art director, Rose (formerly known as Mynthé).

Rose at her private screening, styled by Amber Thornton (outfit by Mesa Home).

Rose at her private screening, styled by Amber Thornton (outfit by Mesa Home).

“Life is different for everyone, yet we all go through these relatable moments that make us feel less alone,” Rose said when asked about the title of her film.

Not one to shy away from emotion, no matter how taboo or uncomfortable, the filmmaker admitted to using the actor’s passions [on the theme of freedom] as fuel for writing / directing the film.

“I was inspired by conversations with my tribe. The fact that at one point in time, we all were going through personal explorations of freedom and breaking free - that, for me, reaffirmed all the unconscious reasons why this [film] came into reality.” Said Rose.

Viewers are taken into the minds of three different women, who, while all experiencing life and it’s many complications, revel in their individuality. Their freedom. Their Life.

My personal favorite part of the film is part II, starring actress Julisa Powell. Her monologue was an excerpt from Eve Ensler’s “Everywhere”, but she performed it with so much feeling and emotion I thought she had written it herself! Her performance of this piece encapsulates the entire project - our relation to one another through our shared life experience and interconnected human emotion.

Although Life is Rose’s first major project, the artist is best known for her 35mm film photography, cinematic short films, and afro-futuristic aesthetic. Her ability to interpret thoughts, feelings, and emotions into an artistic form is beyond this dimension, and I applaud her for being able to so eloquently evoke the feeling of life and connectedness on her first try.

Check out the short film below!