Reassuring Life Encounters

Last night, after finishing my first term of the semester, I just knew I was going home to enjoy doing absolutely nothing - but of course thats not what happened. 

My good friend from college was visiting from Atlanta, and even though I was dead-tired, there was noway I was going to let her leave without spending some quality time with her (it's been years!!!). A group of us went to Shisha, and even though I swore I wasn't staying long, I got wrapped in conversations about where we all are in life - and of course we laughed and reminisced about the past. It's a reassuring feeling to be in a totally different place in life, but still be able to reflect, and have an appreciation for the past.

Being so tired from freelancing, working full-time, and being a student - paralleled with being at the hookah lounge with my friends from college, was a blissful reminder of how much I've grown, and how much I adore the person I am becoming. In that moment, I found a level of comfort in all aspects of myself that made me feel...righteous. Righteous about who I am, where I've come from, and where I'm going in life.