Cabin Essentials

I spent this past weekend in a cabin on Lake Michigan for my girlfriends birthday, so that makes me an expert on essential items for any cabin trip! Keep scrolling for my personal list of must have items for your next cabin get-away.

1. Pamper Sensitive Wipes

When you're outside of your natural environment you like to feel as comfortable as possible. Bringing sensitive wipes [ for the body ] makes you feel extra fresh after that longer than usual trip to the bathroom. 

2. Spray-bottle with Water

St. Louis is known for having cleaner and more pure water than most other states, so when I am traveling I never take chances on water when it comes to my hair.

When your hair is in it's natural state, to avoid unnecessary damage, always bring a spray-bottle filled with water that you know is safe for your hair (I add a drop of apple-cider vinegar to mine). 

*Its also a good idea to bring a case (or two) of water for drinking.

3. Extra Tissue!

This is a MAJOR KEY! Most cabins come equipped with basic needs such as; basic cooking utensils and appliances, furniture, full bathrooms, etc. But they usually don't have an unlimited supply of toilet tissue / kitchen paper-towels. Therefore it is important to make sure you bring extra, just in case!  

4. Microfiber Towels

Some cabins provide towels, but I'm super weird about that so I always bring my own. In addition, I always bring a microfiber towel incase I need to dry my hair. Microfiber towels are safer for your hair, where traditional cotton towels pull / break the hair. 

5. Scented Candle 

This may seem a little over the top, but this goes back to making yourself feel as comfortable as possible. Lighting your favorite scent makes the cabin feel more warm and allows you to relax. 

6. Books!

Granted I had very little down / alone time (I was playing drinking games the entire time), cabins are the perfect place for a good read. There's nothing like a good book and an amazing view to completely escape reality. 

What do you guys HAVE to take on your camping trips? Leave your essential cabin items in the comment section below!