Meet Hollywood's Next "It Girl", Herizen Guardiola


Don't be fooled by her modest 3,500 Instagram followers, Mrs. Guardiola is well on her way to stardom! The 20-year-old actress stars as an aspiring disco star in The Get Down, premiering on Netflix this Friday.  

Raised by "hippie" parents - the half Cuban, half Jamaican beauty considers herself a free-spirited tomboy, and told that although she shares common traits with her character, she had to channel her inner Donna Summer while on set. Guardiola (via her Instagram posts) has plenty of spark and spunk, and she seems like she delivers in her latest role (from what I saw in the trailer), so I am excited to see more from her.

Read her interview on, and watch the trailer for The Get Down here. Y'all know the 70's is my favorite era so I'm excited for this! Are you guys going to tune in this Friday?!