Start Bar

This past Wednesday, Laura Heying invited me to a little soirée at one of St. Louis' latest bar attractions. I know what you guys are thinking, its not like we need another bar downtown - but Stephen Savage, Jared Ater, Nick Del Gaiso, and Lou Groff (who also own Wheelhouse downtown) knew the city needed something a bit different. And Start Bar was born. 

When you first walk into the swanky building, located on 1000 Spruce Street, you are immediately slapped in the face with nostalgia. Neon lights from classic games, 90's inspired art and decor, and a perfect blend of hip-hop and classic rock blasting through the speakers...and the greatness doesn't stop there. Not only does the bar offer a plethora of local and national craft beers and cocktails, milkshakes and snow cones, they also offer a bomb pizza menu that includes a few other snack-like items - and thats only the main level!

Once you venture up the stairs to the mezzanine, you and the gang can indulge in your own private section fully equipped with comfy chairs, a flat screen TV, and a Nintendo 64 console (we played games like Mario Kart and Goldeneye). And not to worry, if you like gaming outside, they have a patio for that.