Neon Light$ Too Bright!

Fresh back from my trip to Vegas, I'm inspired to share the story behind my latest song, Neon Lights. 

In case you've been hiding under a rock; May 25th 2016 I released my second song to the world, and I couldn't be more satisfied! All my friends love it, I increased my first week views, I've got offers out the wazoo, and it's already gotten airtime! 

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The song was one of the most spontaneous projects I've ever completed, and coincidentally the most magical. I was simply driving down highway 70 (I have no idea where I was going, but I know it was still cold outside) and Parliament's "Flash Light" came on the radio. Although I've heard the song a million times, this time was different. I was mad inspired. I didn't have lyrics or a melody - just an idea. 

I bought it to my producer, Najii Person, and we finished the beat and most of the lyrics in one session. At odds, he thought the beat was too simple and I assured him it was perfect. A few weeks later we recorded it at Phat Buddah in two sessions...and the rest is history.

As any true St. Louisan knows, there is an art epidemic plaguing our city and I'm here for it! With all the excitement the record gave me, I knew everything associated with it had to be nothing less than perfect. The song itself was inspired by the first trip I took to Vegas in 2014 with my line sisters. The party nature of the Parliament sample breathed that particular energy into the song, and a girl-power party-girl anthem was born. I imagined bomb ass females in a far away land (or "in their own zone") not worried about anything but just having the time of their lives. But the image had to be perfect, so I entrusted St. Louis' own "Rell Brodie" to make it happen. And sure enough he did.

I had never had a full project completed so fast and so organically, I knew I couldn't sit on it, (it's perfect for summer!) but didn't have a date that quite worked or promo to back it up. Instinctively I once again relied on my intuition. I released the song on May 25th because it was right before my [second] trip to Vegas with my line sisters and it's my Ace's (one of my best friends) birthday - and she's like my spirit animal, to say the least.

 Neon Lights is one of my favorite projects to date and I'm excited to see how far we can take this thing!