$hit I Should Have Blogged About This Week

I've been gone way too long. But that's what happens when you're adulting - and in grad school - and you have two jobs - AND you're a freelance writer. Although I haven't had time to blog in nearly three weeks, I feel like this week in particular I missed so much in the realm of "cool"! Willow Smith is over her awkward stage and is Chanel's newest ambassador, Donald Trump's rally got rowdy here in St. Louis, there were various petty celebrity Twitter beefs and Rihanna took over the world.

Literally so much happened this week I could write a dissertation on it. But instead, I'm going to sum up some of my favorite events. You're welcome.

Rihanna, Rihanna, and More Rihanna!

Not only did Rihanna kick-off her tour this week, she's also on the cover of Vogue and has been spotted on the set of what could possibly be her next music video.

There's also a video of her and Drake performing their hit song, "Work", in Miami, and they looked pretty cozy on stage. And I am here for it! 

314 Day

On March 14th - while the rest of the world was celebrating Pie Day, also known as "314 Day" - every real St. Louisan spent the day indulging in and / or reminiscing on nostalgic St. Louis art, culture and music. 

Although I spent the day inside working on a class project, the weather was beautiful - perfect for 314 Day. In fact, if I didn't have responsibilities, I would have spent the day listening to Country Grammar and Nellyville, while dining on the city's finest cuisine (St. Louis style Chinese fried rice with a St. Paul, Red Hot Riplets, and toasted ravioli) at a picnic with all my friends in Forest Park. Hey, a girl can dream!

The Obama Sisters Serve Black Girl Magic at Their First White House State Dinner

Sasha and Malia slayed everything breathing at their first state dinner. I was literally speechless when I saw this photo. The only commentary I have is for all the trolls who where outraged, claiming their tax dollars funded the [combined] $40,000 gowns and that the gowns were too expensive for girls that young...

First of all, those allegations are FALSE, their gowns were not funded by tax dollars - and even if they did use my tax dollars, I'm happy they're putting my money to good use. Secondly, "you do what you want when you're poppin' ".