"You Know You That Bitch When You Cause All This Conversation"

Before all the controversy. Before her Super Bowl performance. Before the video. Beyoncé was in the studio and laid down the verse, "You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation / Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper." 

If I didn't know any better, I would say this stanza was a glimpse into the future, which is supported even further by the mystic - almost eerie video for the song. Essentially, Beyoncé responded to Police [who plan on boycotting her Formation tour by not offering police protection in several major cities] before they even had a chance to express their displeasure with her message. If that isn't voodoo, then I don't know what is. Or maybe Beyoncé just simply knows she's "that bitch". 

I personally think the protest are outrageous, and are just another example of law enforcement unnecessarily exerting their force. While I understand that there are some unfortunate souls who will misinterpret Bey's message, I also believe that with everything that's been going on with the "Black Lives Matter" movement, a majority of people are more aware and informed. Therefore less ignorant about situations as such. And quite frankly, as an artist I am offended that anyone would try to silence her voice / creativity. Because let's be honest; she's clearly screaming "FUCK THE POLICE", but she did so in the most poetic and visually pleasing of ways.

I could go on about this issue, but I want to know what you guys think? Do you agree with the protestors? Was Beyoncé's message really more violence provoking than empowering? hmmm....