5 Reasons You Should Have Attended the Cusp EP Release Party

Despite the fact that you can stream Cusp on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify - AND despite the fact that the EP is filled with gems - you still missed out if you didn't attend the release party last Friday at Delmar Hall.

Keep scrolling for the top five reasons you should have attended the Cusp EP release party.  

5. His Youngest Sister is his Manager!

Although this isn't the most exciting reason, it is by far my favorite! I've known the Austin family for a while - and have always been a fan of their family dynamic. So for me it was amazing to see this young woman (who I watched grow up), help her older brother put on such a wildly successful event! Come through Black Girl Magic!

4. He Always Finds Ways to Give Back to the Community

"Mvstermind", myself, and a few others are currently planning something major...I would tell you more....but, it's a secret. But beyond this, he's heavily involved in the community and gives back by using his talents. 

3. He's Good Friends With G-Eazy

Make no mistake, the hype may be new, but Mvstermind has been on the music scene for a while now. During his time in New Orleans he became friends with newcomer G-Eazy, and every time the rapper is in town they link up. 

So if you're smart, and attend his next show, you might run across a few familiar faces. 

2. All of His Features Performed at the Show

The tape includes features from St. Louis favorites such as Bloom, Arshad Goods, Corey Black, Bryssa, and Najii Person. All of which made appearances at the show. Take it from someone who has seen all of these guys perform before...you missed a treat. 

1. Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So...

Having the honor of watching someone grow into their prime has to be one of the most magical transformations to witness - like a butterfly breaking its cocoon. For as long as I've known Muhammed - excuse me - Mvstermind, he's been heavily involved with music. I remember those starter beats from back in the day (that we thought were so tight), and I look at him today and see a butterfly. 

If you've been with him since his "Mo Mo Tracks" days - or even since his debut project, A.D.D, - you know his unprecedented talent and untapped potential. And if you don't know, you better get hip before its too late (and you're a bandwagon fan). 

Purchase Cusp today!

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