Hot Fire: Lil Dicky x Professional Rapper

"Anti-rap is Ironically one of the real brands of rap left", is the line from Lil Dicky's "Professional Rapper" track that sparked my interest in him. As an artist and music lover, I am all too aware of the stigma that in order to be an "artist" you have to come from struggle. And honestly, I believed that for a long time. I felt like no one wanted to hear my story or listen to my music because it wasn't relatable - it wasn't what people I was around were "into". 

Although there have been many people who came from well-to-do or middle class families before Lil Dicky, it is his emphasis on trying to break the mold of the "starving artist" that sets him apart. Much like myself, David Burd (Lil Dicky's unassuming legal name) grew up in the suburbs, graduated high school and immediately went to college. Once he graduated college he got a job in corporate America, and it was at that point he realized he wanted to use his talents for something he loved. Music. With that type of background, it's very hard to be taken seriously in the hip-hop realm. Although I am a singer, I consider my music more hip-hop than anything else, and I am constantly surrounded by "the struggle".

However, more recently we've seen people like the Weeknd, Sza and countless other artist from similar backgrounds make names for themselves in the hip-hop world. I personally think it's difficult to let go of that stereo-type because thats what our most beloved music genre is based on...the struggle. But just like Natural Selection, we must constantly evolve and only the strong survive. 

Check out the video for Professional Rapper featuring Snoop Dogg below!