Dope Bloggers: LeauxMichelle

Okay, so this week's Dope Blogger doesn't actually have her own domain, but her Tumblr posts and tweets give me so much life I had to share them with you guys. Seldom do I find myself a follower of social media blogs. However, "LeauxMichelle" keeps me intrigued! 

Anytime Lauren tweets something or shares a Tumblr post - it is nothing less than fabulous! Not only does she have an eye for amazing fashion trends, she's always equipped with her own spunky commentary about what's going on in the fashion industry. And my favorite thing about it all, is that she's not even trying. She's just naturally fabulous! 

If you love fashion aesthetics and staying up to date on fashion trends, you have to follow Lauren's social media pages! See the links below!