Dope Bloggers: Rebel Elite x Zoe Rebelle

This weeks Dope Blogger is a personal favorite of mine. I first noticed "Zoe Rebelle" on Instagram for her keen sense of fashion. After following her for a while, I noticed that she is also a fellow blogger and had to let my readers know all about her and her mission!  

"I love the advice and creative side of a blog," say's Zoe. "I like to give my opinion to my peers, but more importantly, I love to receive feedback. I thought...I'm always on social media and fashion is something I truly why not create a blog to express that to the world."

Her blog, Rebel Elite, does an amazing job of displaying her love for fashion, creativity and life in general. Also from Saint Louis, Zoe is a refreshing reminder that Midwestern girls are into more than Retro Jordan's and mainstream fashion trends. You guy's know I am an advocate for all the amazing talent our city has to offer. But as Zoe pointed out in her interview; although our city has a lot to offer artistically, we are seemingly unnoticed for our contributions.

"I like that we are underestimated, but we show up whenever its time to shine, and thats always." Said Zoe.

Everybody know's that when we need to, Saint Louisans ban together and make the loudest noise, and I feel it's time we do that with our art scene (fashion, music, fine art, etc.). 

"I want my readers to be inspired," Zoe say's. "I want them to know it's okay to be themselves. Fashion is in everything. Fashion is supposed to be fun and free."

If a daily trip to her blog isn't enough, you can follow the self proclaimed "Rebelle" on Instagram @zoerebelle or on Tumblr @rebellezoe .