Haitian Flag Day!

On May 18th 1803, Haitian troops designed a flag to represent them during their march on Port-au-Prince. Since this day, May 18th has been known as Haitian Flag Day. It is celebrated in Haiti as well as a number of U.S cities, and represents not only their Independence but their pride as a nation.

Like most African Americans in the United States, I have a number of racial and ethnic backgrounds including Native American, Irish and Haitian. However, I have and always will consider myself a "black" woman. I do not identify with any culture besides that of my own - Black Culture. With that said, I have always taken to the fact that my great grandparents were Haitian. Although I love being apart of Black Culture in America, it has always meant a lot to me to know the origins of my ancestors. 

To me, being of Haitian decent means a little more than having knowledge of my past. As the first Latin American and Caribbean country to gain it's independence, being Haitian solidifies that I am of a superior people. Being of Haitian decent makes me proud!

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