Espionage 6.0

If you've never been to, or haven't even heard of the Espionage series, well... you might be living under a rock. The series was originated by Emmanuelle Mua, who a year later teamed up with Ono Ikanone, to make the event even bigger and better. Since then, the duo has not only expanded their team, but they've expanded the magnitude of their brand.

Initially, the Espionage was held at smaller venues such as Sleek Lounge and Lumiere - but it is now synonymous with one of the city's biggest night life spots, The Rustic Goat. Not only have they expanded their event space, they've also capitalized on their brand by hosting various other smaller events.

"Espionage event series is different because it has maintained its upscale feel", say's Ikanone. "The event came at a time when people didn't dress up to go out, so the idea of being able to get dressed up and enjoy the club scene was a concept that was well received by the Saint Louis community."

If you're a Saint Louis native, you know what it's like to go to a club and see guys in sneakers and/or jeans, or girls in their "Instagram boutique" dresses. And to me, the beauty of Espionage is that you never feel out of place for actually getting dressed! The atmosphere is always super positive, and it's just a room full of people who genuinely want to have a good time.

Espionage has definitely set a standard for nightlife in the area. And with plans to further expand their brand and take the event to new heights, theres no signs of them slowing down anytime soon. Not only has it gained acceptance from it's loyal attendees, but the event has the seal of approval from sponsorships that include Jack Daniels, Hennessy, Ciroc and most importantly, various small businesses in the area.

The Espionage isn't just an event, it is an experience. It has captivated it's attendees and has drawn the attention of influencers around the city. This Saturday at 10 p.m. the series continues with Espionage 6.0 at The Rustic Goat. Whether you are an Espionage vet, or this is your first go 'round, you are sure to have a good time. See you guys there!