Ya$$$: Liberatum - Art and Technology

Too often you go out to dinner with your family and everyone is in someway or another using their phone. Or maybe you're visiting an art gallery and more people are taking Instagram photographs, rather than actually acknowledging the art itself. Has technology taken on such a life of it's own that we forget to appreciate ours? 

But what about the people of Gaza being able to share information with the protestors in Ferguson, MO, about how to protect themselves from teargas via social media? Or a father being able to record his child's first steps? Is technology hurting us more than it is helping us? Or is it helping us more than it is hurting us? These questions are especially essential to artists and artistry across the world, which is why Liberatum made the short film "Artistry/Technology", directed by Ganguli and Tomas Auksas. 

The film is great in the sense that it uses experts from various art-related industries and does not bash technology, rather glorifies it for moving us through time. And like anything else in the world, technology comes with both positive and negative aspects. However, we must not let the negative take away from the positive. 

Personally, I took away from this short film that it is up to us as humans to use technology for its intended purpose; to obtain and gain knowledge and/or spread knowledge. Also, we must not forget that things such as pencils and brooms are technology, and we must appreciate these simple things as we embrace the new.

Source: style.com