Essential Haircare Feat. Urbane Boozer

In the latest haircare news, my amazingly talented sister has decided to become a retailer for Italian based haircare company, Davines. Not only is this huge news for her as a stylist, it's huge for Saint Louis, because only one other salon in our area retails these products! 


Minu: For coloured hair.

Nounou: For dry hair, or hair damaged by treatments such as highlights, bleaching, perm or straightening.

Momo: For dry or dehydrated hair.

Dede: Daily use.

Love Curl: For wavy / curly hair.

Love Smoothing: For frizzy and unruly hair.

Solu: For all hair types.

Melu: For longer hair (that is damaged).

Volu: For fine or limp hair.

As a loyal customer, I have tried a majority of these products and they each serve their intended purpose. For my hair type and texture, my personal favorite is the "Love Smoothing". This line is perfect for my hair texture because it enhances my curls but also makes them incredibly soft. 

Customers who makes a purchase will receive a small bag to place their products in, as well as a booklet that provides information about the products, the company, and it's mission. 

For more information about Davines, follow my sis on Instagram @iamurbaneboozer. Also be looking for her site launch early next month!