Hot Fire: "These Walls" Video x Kendrick Lamar

Earlier this week Kendrick Lamar released yet another video from his wildly successful album, To Pimp A Butterfly. As a true fan and follower of his music since Section 80, I love how Kendrick stays true to his sound, but still reinvents himself each go 'round. 

Each video from his latest album, much like the album itself; is well thought out, intricate and mind twisting. It's rare to find a video these days that has more than a backdrop and "video vixens". But Once again, Kendrick is taking the game to new heights, even through his music videos. 

Perhaps my favorite thing about "These Walls" video is when he and Terry Crews hit The Quan. Which to me suggests that while he is conscious, he also likes to have a good time and enjoys hiphop in all forms. Check it out for yourself below.